Microsoft Viral Videos

Microsoft’s viral ad videos can be great fun..(and informative too) so I’m gonna try and collect as many as I can into this post…so we’ve all got a central place for them..

Let me know which is your favourite!

**New Video** for PDC 2008

Shoe Circus-Seinfeld Vista Ad 1

New Family-Seinfeld Vista Ad 2

I’m A PC 1

I’m A PC 2

I’m A PC – Steve Ballmer

Bill Gates-Last Day Video Diary – This one is truly brilliant! I think this is my fave video of the lot..

Microsoft UK did a set of 4 videos called “The Office Values” which featured Ricky Gervais as David Brent, here they are:

The Office Values 1

The Office Values 2

The Office Values 3

The Office Values 4

This video was taken 100% seriously by some people out there and used as another excuse to have a pop at Microsoft, but I’m pretty sure it’s tongue is very firmly in it’s cheek:

Vista SP1

This video is from the Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) 2008, which was over in Houston.  I was there this year but I only thought to record this after it had happened (typical!) and this is the only clip I can find on Youtube:

Alison “A Fresh” Watson

Bit of trivia for you, I very nearly accidentally tripped up Alison Watson over in Houston at the expo! I wonder what I’d be doing now if that had happened?!

Thought I’d add the EBS Pimp My Infrastructure vid here too

Microsoft EBS 2008-Big Pimpin’!

Microsoft Essential Business Server 2008 has got it’s own “cool” funny viral video, you can see it here.

This video is really good..funny, well made and gets the point across. Despite that, I think my favourite part is the completely serious (?) discalimer at the end!

There’s another great video about Office MLK’s that HP showed me, but I can’t get a copy of it or a link to it anywhere. I’ll keep trying but if there are any HP workers that can hook me up, drop a comment pleeaase!

Again, got this from Matt McSpirit

Microsoft Software Plus Services

Microsoft Software Plus Services will be available to UK partners sometime during spring 2009, said the company’s Software plus Services reselling exec Maggie Chan Jones.

This is exciting for me as a UK Microsoft Gold Partner and I hope for you as a potential customer. Over at this year’s Partner Conference (WPC), there was a LOT of talk about Software plus Services, and it was a hot topic again today in London.

Software plus Services (S+S) is Microsoft’s version of SAAS (Software As A Service). The main difference is SAAS indicates that it replaces traditional “on the desktop” software while S+S complements it. The most well known examlpe of SAAS is, a complete CRM (Customer Relations Management) system that sits in the “Cloud”, so is all accessed via a web interface and not installed on the clients internal PC’s and servers.

This goes against Microsoft’s typical business model and so many people have announced the “end of Microsoft”, which seems a bit over the top to me! I’m sure it’s true that Microsoft wouldn’t have come up with SAAS on their own and in fact, in Houston this year, Microsoft called it “a disruption”..but one that they will meet and embrace.

The Software Plus Services line up includes:

Microsoft Exchange Online

Microsoft Exchange Hosted Services

Microsoft Office Sharepoint Online

Microsoft Office Live Meeting

Microsoft Office Communications Online

Most of these are available as Beta versions in the U.S at the moment.

Bechtle UK are a leading Microsoft Gold Partner and our MS business is built upon “on-premise” software that is installed into the customer’s environment; so S+S is very different to what we’re used to. I think it’s safe to say that some people were unsure about S+S/SAAS a while back but now, we’re all excited about the opportunity and ready to go!

S+S will make it easier for customers whose software budgets can’t stretch to the purchase of a company wide setup ofSharepoint or OCS for example. With the advent of S+S, they’ll be able to utilise the software and experience it’s countless benefits to efficiency and productivity at a price that will be more affordable and easier to manage for them.

Steve Ballmer is in love?

Steve Ballmer says “IT Pros, IT Pros IT Pros…..and I say I love IT Pros!”

In an attempt to show he isn’t just into Developers, The Ballmernator gave a rousing cry of the above at the London TechNet event yesterday. A video of his speech can be seen here. (Found via Curious George’s Blog).

Microsoft Zune on Windows Mobile 7?!

Everyone’s favourite CEO Steve Ballmer yesterday confirmed that the Zune software will be available on Windows Mobile :-)

This is the more likely conclusion to the “Zune Phone” rumours, so while we won’t be seeing a Microsoft branded handset, we will have the awesomeness of the Zune on our WinMo devices. Here in the UK, Zune’s are pretty much just a great sounding myth so this should give me a chance to leave the ipod at home once and for all!

Steve gave no word on timescale, but could this be the “new Media Player” expected in WinMo 7?!

I discovered this over at Engadget.