Microsoft-Change the World or Go Home

Microsoft-Change the World or Go Home is the Blue Monster’s tag line. This is the cartoon from Hugh Macleod over at Gaping Void that is appearing all over Microsoft campuses across the world as well as stuck on people’s laptops..

Hugh Says:

The headline works on a lot of different levels:

Microsoft telling its potential customers to change the world or go home.
Microsoft telling its employees to change the world or go home.
Microsoft employees telling their colleagues to change the world or go home.
Everybody else telling Microsoft to change the world or go home.
Everyone else telling their colleagues to change the world or go home.
And so forth.

I like this both for it’s striking visuals and also for what it says about Microsoft’s attitude. To me it says “We’re here, we’re big, we DO make a difference (for better or worse), we DO change the world” and shows an acknowledgement of their influence and a will to use it “for good”.

However, as with anything, the anti-MS brigade have got their own take on it!

Let me know what you think…

Microsoft MSDN Kid’s Corner

Microsoft MSDN Kid’s Corner is a great starting place for kids that are interested in coding, programming etc..I’d liked this when I was younger that’s for sure!

My little one isn’t quite 2 yet but I’m excited about this site already :-)

Microsoft Tanjay-Polycom CX700 OCS 2007 Phone

The Microsoft Tanjay is now known as the Polycom CX700 IP Phone for Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007..nice and snappy! :-)

**Update** I’ve seen now that Tanjay is actually a product range, which as well as the CX700 also includes the LG-Nortel 8540. I’m sure there will be more to follow too..

I heard about the Tanjay a while back but it’s taken me some time to track it down in it’s new incarnation and for that I must thank Frankarr. This thing is seriously cool in my opinion..

First off, it includes a “fully embedded Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 Client” allowing access to all the features via it’s built in touch screen!!

You can “Click to Call” from the user list via the touch screen.

You can set /change your presence status through the touch screen and the LED on the front shows your presence status too.

It includes a biometric fingerprint reader for recognition and to provide personalized preferences.

I’m not 100% sure if this is available in the UK yet..I’ll check with Polycom at work on Monday. For now, here’s a pic:

For those of you that have a Tanjay phone, here’s an excellent blog post on how to get it set up, configured and working in your OCS environment – Configuring Tanjay for OCS.

To see my other posts about OCS 2007, go here.

Windows 7-UAC fine tuned

Windows 7 will still contain UAC (User Access Control) but an easier to use, more friendly than the UAC currently in Vista. Over on her “All About Microsoft” blog, Mary Jo Foley has a statement from Ben Fathi, President for Core OS Development in which he states:

“We’ve heard loud and clear that you are frustrated. You find the prompts too frequent, annoying, and confusing. We still want to provide you control over what changes can happen to your system, but we want to provide you a better overall experience. We believe this can be achieved by focusing on two key principles. 1) Broaden the control you have over the UAC notifications. We will continue to give you control over the changes made to your system, but in Windows 7, we will also provide options such that when you use the system as an administrator you can determine the range of notifications that you receive. 2) Provide additional and more relevant information in the user interface. We will improve the dialog UI so that you can better understand and make more informed choices.”

This can only be a good thing :-) I do think that the UAC, in principle, is very good idea.

There are a lot of users who aren’t always able to tell that something is potentially dangerous and when the UAC pops up, they tend to cancel the action “just in case”-preventing accidental deletions, virus infections etc.

However, I do agree that the prompts are too frequent and not always clear. As an experienced Windows user, I do get annoyed with the prompts for things such as changing various settings, installing things etc as I know what I’m doing and the UAC just slows me down.

So the ability to alter the scope of the prompts will be good…as long as the settings can be different for each account on the machine…I don’t want the missus to have the same permissions as’d all be on fire within 10 minutes ;-)

For an in depth look, head over to the Windows 7 Engineering blog here.

Microsoft Business Intelligence (Project Gemini)

From Microsoft, Project Gemini could be the Business Intelligence turning point it needs. Despite SQL & Excel’s popularity, Microsoft were ranked just 5th in the BI arena by IDC.

Microsoft are getting serious about BI now, with SQL 2008, Performance Point Server 2007,Excel 2007 and now Project Gemini. Forrester say Gemini will

“bring an Excel-based user analytics mashup tool into the core of Microsoft’s BI and data warehousing product portfolio”. Tools currently only available to OLAP modelers will be accessible to all as an “in-memory, drag-and-drop, pivot-table-enabled” dashboard.

Tom Casey, Microsoft’s general manager for SQL Server business intelligence had this to say:

“is a game-changer for the BI and OLAP space, and will usher in the post-OLAP age of supremely versatile, deeply dimensional, user-developed analytics.”

The full article can be seen over at ComputerWorld here.

Nigel PEndse has got a great article over at olapreport, where he makes some great insights into what Gemini means for Microsoft, their users and their’s well worth checking out.