Aha-Take on me. The Literal Version

Aha-Take on me. The Literal Version is a truly brilliant You Tube video…very very random but very very funny. It had me sitting here on my own laughing out loud…now that’s a good sign!

Everyone loves A-ha (don’t they?) so check this out:

Microsoft Roundtable Documents and Downloads

The Microsoft Roundtable is a truly innovative, modern take on video conferencing and as I think my blog shows, one of my favourite gadgets!

To make it even easier, I’ve collected a number of documents and downloads to help you out with the setup, installation and use of the Microsoft Roundtable.

Roundtable User Guide

Roundtable Manuals

Roundtable Deployment Guide

Roundtable Management Tool

Roundtable Firmware

(It’s a good idea to have the firmware around, as you’ll need it in the event of a factory reset.)

Microsoft Roundtable Unboxing-Pics!

My Microsoft Roundtable arrived today-yey! It made what was turning out to be a pretty boring, not so brilliant morning into a pretty awesome morning!

I took a load of pics of the Unboxing (on my HTC Diamond) a few of which are below, and the rest can be found here..

Typically, we’re just about to embark on installing a new PBX at work so I’m not going to be able to hook this bad boy up for probably a couple of weeks! It’s just going to be sitting next to me mocking me :-)

Tiger Woods-Viral Video

This EA viral video for Tiger Woods is brilliant..well made, makes a good point and funny too! It’s a comeback to a fan video showing a “glitch” in Tiger Woods 2008..

I found this on Steve Clayton’s blog tonight but it’s a couple of months old now..I’m not sure how I missed it, I must’ve been slacking (surely not!)..

Anyways, this is a bit of the Randomness my blog header promises so here you go: