Windows 7-better than XP?

It’s something few people have ever said about Vista, but it looks like it could become a widespread phrase soon:

“Windows 7 is better than XP”

There will of course be a certain group of people who will refuse to admit that is even possible however I and many others have been saying it for a while now-and now Engadget have reports of something approaching proof!

Adrian Kingley-Hughes from ZDNet compared XP, Vista and Windows 7 at performing everyday tasks such as “boot up, shut down, file maneuvers, installations and other common tasks” and “On both test systems, an AMD Phenom 9700 setup and an Intel Pentium Dual-Core E2200 number (with ATI and NVIDIA graphics, respectively), the Windows 7 install soundly bested XP and Vista task by task, with few exceptions.”.

While this isn’t an exact science, it’s certainly very indicative of how things will be once Win 7 is released-and it’s looking good :-) Especially considering that this is the Beta of Windows 7 that’s being tested so one would assume that it’s final RTM (Release to Manufacturing) version will be even slicker.

It seems that Microsoft are really onto a good thing here…I can’t wait!

Windows 7 to come with DivX

According to, Windows 7 will include DivX out of the box.

“So what?” you might ask…this will go along way to putting an end to hours spend trawling the web to find the correct/latest codecs to play that (legally) downloaded/ripped for backup purposes movie; thus making media watching in Windows an even more enjoyable experience :-)

Codec packs are often from unverified publishers and run the risk of infecting your PC with malware and/or you ending up with various conflicting codecs that slow your machine down. Windows 7 shows a real attempt by MS to give users what they need and want and to help make the user experience as smooth, safe and stable as possible-good on you boys!

It doesn’t stop there though…Windows 7 will also play the H.264 video and AAC audio formats, as used by  iTunes, via Windows Media Player. However, don’t get too excited as Good Ol’ Apple refuse to licence  their FairPlay DRM so tracks purchased via the iTunes store are still off limits to WMP…Boo Hiss I say-that would make things SO much easier for me and stop me having to double up on tracks in both AAC and WMA/MP3 formats. Still, the AAC inclusion should mean that WMP can search & index all the (non-purchased) iTunes media, so simplifying the listening experience.