Microsoft Windows Mobile updates

Microsoft disappointed a lot of people by not announcing/previewing WinMo 6.5/7 @ CES 2009, but they’ve told The NY Times that an announcement will be made, at next month’s (Feb ’09) Mobile World Congress.

Todd Peters, the vice president of marketing for the Windows Mobile division said “I’d rather have fewer devices and be more focused” to “get better integration” between the OS and the hardware.

There are currently around 140 devices that run Microsoft’s Windows Mobile OS and it is this that makes it hard for WinMo to get a good rep these days. Apple have it much easier as they develop their OS just for the iPhone and that’s it whereas MS have to make sure the can run on the least capable hardware.

I only buy WinMo devices partly because I find them familiar but also because WinMo is full of great features that help me get things done quickly and easily-both for work and at home. I hope the coming announcements will show what Microsoft can do in the mobile world…

Wireless Charging with Powermats

This is something pretty cool that’s appeared at CES, Powermats from Powermat.

There are 5 different mats available for charging iPods, iPhones, Blackberry’s, handheld consoles, laptops etc-all WITHOUT WIRES! That’s right, only the Powermat requires a wired power source -it then charges the devices placed upon it via magnetic induction:


The Powermats will also allow you to stream video from a mobile device to a tv. They should be available later this year but no word on price yet.

These look pretty cool to me and I think very useful. It will make charging devices literally as simple as putting them down…no more hunting for chargers or worse-broken chargers, no running out of sockets etc just nice, easy charging :-)

Microsoft Tag

The MS Keynote speech at CES wasn’t amazing but one thing that does looks very interesting and could, if developed and marketed right, become quite a big part of peoples lives is Microsoft Tag. This is Redmond’s foray into the world of social 2d tagging to “tranform physical media (print advertising, billboards,product packages, information signs, in-store merchandising, or even video images)—into live links for accessing information and entertainment online.”

You download a small app for your mobile device and then you can start accessing these tags by photographing them with the camera on your device. There are some great examples of when this would be used on the Tag site such as allowing tracking analytics of ads in print media or using the tags on film posters to create a viral buzz as well as cinemas offering showing times etc.

The technology these tags is brand new, built from the ground up by the ever more famous MS Research Labs to best utilise the often limited camera tech on phones. The High Capacity Color Barcodes (HCCBs) as they are known “employs different symbol shapes in geometric patterns and multiple colors to provide more information in less space”. An example:


The Microsoft Tag mobile tagging system offers many advances and advantages:

  • Designed from the beginning to work with the limited capabilities of a typical camera phone.
  • Much smaller than other formats. Typical packaging application starts at 5/8 x 5/8”.
  • Optimized for both print and video display.
  • Enhanced Reed-Solomon error correction means Tags can still be read even if partially damaged.
  • On many phones can decode using a direct real-time camera video stream, you don’t even have to “click” to read the code.
  • Handles long URLs and allows for content to be dynamically changed.
  • Tags are saved for later viewing and can be forwarded to someone else (no need to scan it again).

I’ve just downloaded the mobile app as a .CAB file from the Tag site here, and it works really well. There’s a tag on the screen that you can “snap” and it takes you straight through to another MS site relating to Tag; I will say that you need to put your phone quite close to the screen for it to work-just so you know :-)

I’ve just set myself up with an account over at Microsoft Tag (all it requires is signing in with a Live ID) and I’ve created my first tag-whoo hoo! I had some issues at first so if you keep getting “An error occured” messages when creating a tag, first ensure you have created a new category and then create the tag inside that; it doesn’t seem to work saving it just to “Main”.

Currently the tags can only be rendered in wmf, xps or pdf formats so the link below will open up a pdf with my created tag. I’ve just tested it on my phone and it works a treat :-)

barcode <—- Click here to see my tag!