Windows Phone at WPC 11

Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference 2011 had some good sessions on Windows Phone 7, a couple of which I was able to attend amidst my hectic schedule of sessions & meetings Smile and this is a rundown of what I saw.

First up, in one of the morning keynotes we saw the Lync client running on Windows Phone 7:


I realise that’s not the greatest picture you’ll ever see but you get the idea Smile

I attended the Windows Phone 7 session, led by President of Windows Phone Division, Andy Lees.


There wasn’t a huge amount of new content but it did contain some great demos of Mango features such as Local Scout and Bing Audio music tagging, as well as the amazingly slick way that WP7 handles people and messaging. Here are some pictures of my favourite slides:



There was a pretty rapturous response to the majority of the demos from the 100’s of people in attendance, and there was a great energy in the room, both from the presenters and the Microsoft partners.

Microsoft have made some great changes to the Mobility competency to make it more worthwhile and effective for partners to develop apps for the Windows Phone platform. I had a chance to speak with Andy Lees after the session and it seems there are some good things coming further down the line for Microsoft partners. Not just for those that develop apps but also partners that work with licensing and products such as Sharepoint & Office 365.

Microsoft WPC 2011 in Pictures

Here are a few galleries featuring my pictures from WPC11 Smile

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ps: I did take pics in the sessions too, but they’ll be a separate post…

LA Dodgers

The night I arrived in LA, the World Famous LA Dodgers were playing the San Diego Padres so it seemed only right to go and watch them Smile  I couldn’t sleep on the plane so when the game started, it was 03:00am in the UK – and also my head!

I have to say that I really enjoyed the game, although I’m still not quite sure about the vast majority of the rules Open-mouthed smile Also, the “Dodger Dogs” really are world quality hot dogs…very tasty indeed!

Ripley’s Believe It or Not


I’ve always quite enjoyed Ripley’s Believe It or Not and Hollywood is home to the original (and best?), so I had to pop in and see just how tacky it was Winking smile Luckily I had some downtime before the crazy week of WPC started Smile

Great spam comment

I get a fair number of spam comments on this blog and I’ve noticed that the vast majority are all quite realistic. They could easily be written by actual people, the grammar, syntax & context are all spot on…it’s only the dodgy email/site addresses that let them down.

However I’ve just seen one in the spam filter on my blog that is so awesome I feel it needs to be shared. To me this reads like a great poem of old…almost in the style of Homer or Dante:


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.I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did Smile

Skype will come to Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft’s recent $8.5 billion purchase of Skype is close to being officially completed (pending international anti-trust go-ahead) and it’s first appearance will be in Office 365, Microsoft’s just launched cloud offering.


Kurt Delbene, MS Business Division President said:

“Office 365 will be the lead offering along with the client that should drive parity”

Client, in this case, means Office so does that mean there will be a separate “Skype” component in Office 15 or, more likely, will “Lync” simply connect to both?

Talking of the next version of Office, Mr Delbene had some info on that too.

Talking about when we can expect the next version of Microsoft’s desktop productivity suite, he said:

“We’re typically in a 2 1/2 year cycle”

which would put Office 15 (as I’m calling it for now) at June-December 2012. I’m not too sure about that as it is likely that will be the release schedule for Windows 8 too…I feel that trying to promote new versions of their 2 biggest products at the same time could be tricky.

Although if my prediction that Windows 8 will have a much bigger consumer focus is right,that could make it easier for Redmond’s marketing teams. Predominantly push Windows to consumers and predominantly push Office to enterprises…do you think that could work?

Wikipedia, via Neowin, also tells us that:

“notable changes in Excel include a tool for filtering data in a storm, the ability to convert Roman numerals to Arabic numerals, and the integration of advanced trigonometric functions. In Word, the capability of inserting video and audio online as well as the broadcasting of documents on the Web were implemented”

For more info, head over to the Seattle Times sites here.