Microsoft: The New Efficiency

At today’s “New Efficiency” launch event, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer spoke about Windows 7 deployments and how customers can save money with the latest OS. He particularly mentioned that Windows 7 “will bring $90-$160 saving per pc per year”.

He also discussed the “Consumerisation of IT”, where users bring/force change in Corporate IT via their expectations from using software at home. He said that it isn’t a new phenomenon (it just has a new name) and that it will continue to be a huge driving force in the way that software is designed and used-such as the extra social networking features being added into Office, Exchange & Sharepoint.

This all led to the launch of a new website:

which contains dozens of videos from MS execs covering topics such as:

  • Discover Windows Optimized Desktop
  • Learn about Optimized Server
  • Experience Unified Communications
  • Explore Business Ready Security

There are a bunch of videos on Exchange 2010 such as:

  • Upgrade & Deployment
  • High Availability
  • Mobility & Active Sync
  • Email Archiving

and more. These are a great source of information on Exchange 2010, some of which I’ve collected here.

The banner below is a great representation of the products & ideas behind the New Efficiency.


There are way too many sessions to list here but MS have put together some suggested sessions listings for:

  • Enterprises
  • Mid-Size
  • SMB’s

They contain links to the videos on the New Efficiency site and can be downloaded from my SkyDrive here.

Steve Ballmer on the Economy

Steve Ballmer has been speaking on the current economic situation at the recent Democratic Caucus Retreat and I think it’s a great speech.


Just like Kevin Turner’s at WPC 2008, it’s upbeat, positive and gives ideas for the future, rather than focusing on the bad points of this “economic recalibration”. The whole thing can be seen here but I thought I’d give you a few of my favourite soundbites:

“We believe this is a once-in-a-lifetime economic event, but it’s not unique frankly in U.S. history.”

“In my view, what we now have will be a fundamental economic reset.”

“In addition, despite the tough economy — I might even say because of the tough economy — our company will continue to invest more than US$9 billion a year in R&D, because we think it’s that R&D spending that will cause us to remain strong.”

Windows 7: Vista but Better

Windows 7: “Vista but Better” is the description given by Steve Ballmer at the Gartner Symposium.

While he still stands by Vista-pointing out that it’s adoption rate at the 2 year mark is twice that of XP-he also said Microsoft are prepared for people to skip it and go straight to Windows 7.

Choice quotes from Ballmer include:

“Our next release of Windows will be compatible with Vista. The key is let’s get on with it. We’ll be ready when you want to deploy Windows 7.”

“It’s not (a) minor (release) because it’s a lot more work than a minor release. It’s a major release.”

“It’s clear Yahoo didn’t want to sell. They probably still think it’s worth more than $33 a share. I still think it makes sense for their shareholders and ours.”

More can be found over at ZDNet.

Microsoft are in a tricky position with Vista & Windows 7 really…no matter what they do, they’ll be accused of eithe rgiving up on Vista and “admitting” it’s not brilliant OR flogging a dead horse. Very close to the original Catch 22..

Personally I think Vista is a great OS. I use Vista @ home and XP @ work (I know!) and Vista wins hands down each’s easier, faster, slicker, more user friendly but some people just don’t go for it. Certainly not friends but I’d guess that one day Vista & Betamax will be casual acquaintances in the “Why didn’t they like me” bar in Techsville, TW..

Microsoft Viral Videos

Microsoft’s viral ad videos can be great fun..(and informative too) so I’m gonna try and collect as many as I can into this post…so we’ve all got a central place for them..

Let me know which is your favourite!

**New Video** for PDC 2008

Shoe Circus-Seinfeld Vista Ad 1

New Family-Seinfeld Vista Ad 2

I’m A PC 1

I’m A PC 2

I’m A PC – Steve Ballmer

Bill Gates-Last Day Video Diary – This one is truly brilliant! I think this is my fave video of the lot..

Microsoft UK did a set of 4 videos called “The Office Values” which featured Ricky Gervais as David Brent, here they are:

The Office Values 1

The Office Values 2

The Office Values 3

The Office Values 4

This video was taken 100% seriously by some people out there and used as another excuse to have a pop at Microsoft, but I’m pretty sure it’s tongue is very firmly in it’s cheek:

Vista SP1

This video is from the Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) 2008, which was over in Houston.  I was there this year but I only thought to record this after it had happened (typical!) and this is the only clip I can find on Youtube:

Alison “A Fresh” Watson

Bit of trivia for you, I very nearly accidentally tripped up Alison Watson over in Houston at the expo! I wonder what I’d be doing now if that had happened?!

Thought I’d add the EBS Pimp My Infrastructure vid here too

Microsoft Zune on Windows Mobile 7?!

Everyone’s favourite CEO Steve Ballmer yesterday confirmed that the Zune software will be available on Windows Mobile :-)

This is the more likely conclusion to the “Zune Phone” rumours, so while we won’t be seeing a Microsoft branded handset, we will have the awesomeness of the Zune on our WinMo devices. Here in the UK, Zune’s are pretty much just a great sounding myth so this should give me a chance to leave the ipod at home once and for all!

Steve gave no word on timescale, but could this be the “new Media Player” expected in WinMo 7?!

I discovered this over at Engadget.