Microsoft Windows Server 8 Online Backup

The Windows Server 8 beta has been out for a week or so and people are still finding new features in the Operating System.

Aidan Finn has uncovered an Online Backup Service that is available as an installable component of Windows Server 8.

What is it?

Microsoft Online Backup Service (as it is known) is an installable service to back up files & folders to the cloud.

Why is it?

Microsoft Online Backup Service provides a new way to deliver business continuity benefits to Windows Server "8" Beta customers by providing a backup solution that requires no upfront hardware cost (other than an internet connection).

Extra Points:

One thing to note straight away is that this isn’t a free service…not even Microsoft can backup everyone’s data for free! That said, the current beta IS free and is limited to around 10GB.

Here it is in the start menu:


Encryption passphrases must be at least 16 characters long and:



Recovering Data

Any server running Windows Server "8" Beta can recover data from Microsoft Online Backup Service onto any server running Windows Server "8" Beta connected to the Internet.


It’s interesting to see this as Computer Associates (CA) have just launched an online backup service that using Microsoft Windows Azure as its cloud platform. I’m not sure, off the top of my head,how these 2 services stack up features wise but I’m going to try and find out Smile Will Microsoft’s service be positioned more as a low end, entry level package while CA take the mid-market/Enterprise sector?


You can download the Online Backup Beta Guide document here:

Aidan’s great original post can be found here:

Thanks to Mary Jo of ZDnet for tweeting this Smile

Windows Server 8 beta also available

Windows Server 8 also has a preview available today so head over to:

to grab it.

Mary Jo has again got a quick list of some new features:

  • Users can choose Server Core Installation or Server with a GUI (the equivalent of the full installation option in Windows Server 2008 R2). Server Core is the default option.
  • Increased scale and performance for Hyper-V virtual machines. Up to 1 terabyte of memory – up from 512 GB in the developer preview. There’s also an increase in virtual disk size supported, to 64 TB, from 16 TB in the Dev Preview
  • Easier deployment of IIS 8
  • Surfacing of ReFS, the new Resilient File System, in Windows 8, as well as support for new storage and server cluster mangement technologies
  • Metro-Style Remote Desktop app and VOIP integration with Remote Desktop Services


The improvements around Virtual mMachines and the new ReFS file system are big news and our customers are asking about release dates already Smile