What is a Bluehoo?

There are, apparently, 100,000s of Bluehoo’s all over the web according to http://www.bluehoo.com/.

**I know what a BlueHoo is..kind of!**

“Bluehoo is a mobile app that helps you make new social connections with the people around you – for business or for pleasure. Bluehoo uses Bluetooth to discover “hoos” around you right here, right now, shows you those people’s profiles and helps you start conversations”

Now this could be pretty cool. A way of finding other tech enthusiasts/Microsoft fans/MS staff etc while you’re out and about could, used properly lead to some good stuff. However what happens if all and sundry start using BlueHoo? Will it then become as ubiquitous and dare I say it, pointless as MySpace, FaceBook etc? I hope not becuase they’re done a great job at generating a buzz around this so here’s to a successfull future Hoobert!

You can download the beta software here.

I downloaded the Software last night and installed it on my HTC Diamond, no issues, no problems-nice and smooth; which is great for a brand new beta! It worked well, ran quickly and looked good-so far so good..

My big problem with it is it’s data use. It warns you that it constantly talks to it’s home servers and thus constantly uses your data allowance-which I think could be a problem. I’m really paranoid about getting stung with a £gazillion data bill so I don’t like things that use it up quickly! It could be the case, and I hope so, that BlueHoo isn’t really that bad..but I think I’m going to let other people discover that ;-)

I had Bluehoo on my Diamond when I went down to Microsoft Reading a couple of weeks ago, and although it picked up a whole host of Bluetooth devices, none of them had their BlueHoo profiles completed; I didn’t find another Hoo all day which was disappointing. To be honest, I think BlueHoo will stay under the radar used a lot by a few but never breaking out further than that. I’ve got to give them props for their viral marketing though, I was really excited leading up to PDC…just waiting to discover what a BlueHoo was..but now I feel slightly let down :-(

www.bluehoo.com runs on Microsoft’s new Cloud Computing Service Windows Azure and was the first non-Microsoft application to do so…

Hoobert the BlueHoo

Hoobert the BlueHoo