Microsoft SecondLight

The Microsoft SecondLight device is seriously cool…it’s like the Surface…but even better!

It’s quite hard to explain in words what it does without making it sound rubbish and/or pointless. It can display one image on the table and then another image through that which is viewable through paper placed on the table..if that doesn’t make sense, I’m sorry…but the picture below show’s what I mean. The Surface is displaying the pic of the car and then you can also see the blueprint..

A cool video demo can be seen here (warning: Will open in Windows Media Player)

I saw this through a combination of Gizmodo & PCPro..

Hyper-V 2.0

Hyper-V 2.0 features are already being discussed. Microsoft’s already great Virtualization product is going to get even better!

The next version of Microsoft’s Hyper-V is going to include:

·         Live Migration (utilising a new Clustered Shared Volumes technology)

·         32 Logical Proc Support

·         Hot Add/Remove Storage

·         Second Level Address Translation – Leveraging new Virtualisation technology built into next generation of Intel/AMD chips

·         Dynamic Memory

·         Boot from VHD

·         Networking Improvements

·         Virtualised I/O

As I get more info, I’ll let you know..I saw the above over at VirtualBoy.

For me, the Live Migration will be a great addition as that’s one of the main differences between Hyper-V and ESX and I think it gives some people the impression that Hyper-V must be lacking elsewhere too (which isn’t the case). The addition of LIve Migration will certainly help increase the adoption rate of Hyper-V..

It looks like we’re quite close to the beta’s being available..