Me and my Boyfriend Bill Gates

The Simpsons have recently aired a brilliant as always, probably light hearted attack on Steve Jobs and the cult that is Apple…or should that be Mapple?

The videos are being pulled from YouTube, Hulu etc quick as you like due to copyright claims from Fox, but it’s still available over at ViralVideoChart.

Now pretty much every tech blogger has posted something about these clips today, but for some reason no-one has mentioned my favourite part, when Bart makes Mapple leader Steve Mobs say:

“I’ve made a fortune off you chumps, and I’ve invested it all in Microsoft. Now my Boyfriend Bill Gates and I kiss each other on a pile of your money”

To paraphrase Comic Book Guy, “Best Quote EVER”!


Personal Soundtrack Shirt

In an excellent example if internet power, ThinkGeeks’s April Fool “Personal Soundtrack” shirt now exists in actual reality! I saw this months ago and figured it’s be pretty cool-and now there’s a chance I can actually buy one…which is nice.

The Personal Soundtrack Shirt rocks a velcro-attached speaker that uses 4 AA batteries and lets you play 20 different snippets of music/cool (in no way geeky) sound effects.

Or you can hook up for MP3 player via the 3.5mm jack and have GZA, Canibus, Britney or whatever bustin’ out of your chest all day lizong!


I think this is pretty damn awesome…just like the Graphic Equalizer t-shirt and the Wi-Fi Detecting T-shirt. I can pretty much guarantee that the missus and everyone I know will think it’s ridiculously geeky and that I’m a bit weird, but I really want one!

Saw this over at Gizmodo