Wayne Rooney has a Hair Transplant

Wayne Rooney has got himself some hair back! He’s had a hair transplant and The Mirror (not a paper I tend to read) have got a quite brilliant bit of PhotoShop work!


My favourite is the Gerry Francis hair Smile

Microsoft E3 Announcements

Microsoft at E3 is always good. There are always awesome announcements and this year, we’re getting them early Smile

So far, Microsoft have revealed:

Voice Search coming to Xbox. I take it this will be for the Marketplaces, making it easier to find films, songs, games etc.

Halo 4 is being developed. I’m excited about this – although Bungie have gone, MS did retain some of them for their new 343 Industries team, dedicated solely to Halo.

Kinect Sports 2 will have:

  • Baseball
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Skiing

among others. I’m also hoping for Basketball and football keepie ups Smile

Halo: Combat Evolved will be “remastered for a new generation” which I’m quite happy about. I came into the franchise at #3, so never got to play this one.


Kinect Fun Labs is available immediately (can’t see it on xbox.com yet though) and does a great job of showing off some of the technology…including Finger Tracking! According to WinRumors, it features:

  • Build a buddy – scan in any object and play with it in any way
  • Googly eyes – scan in an object and then be that object
  • Kinect me – make an avatar that looks like you
  • Bobble head – create a bobble head from your avatar
  • Kinect sparklers – lets you use finger tracking to create photos with sparklers

Windows 8 New Features

Microsoft Windows 8 has been officially demoed and it looks pretty great, with it’s Windows Phone 7 inspired tile interface.

There are other new features being discovered by people who have the leaked pre beta builds and one of them is pretty great:

Built in ISO mounting

Windows 8 Center have got a screen shot which shows this:



This would be a brilliant addition. All my main machines have got Magic Disc & Magic ISO on them simply so I can mount ISO’s as and when needed. However it’s really annoying when you get a new machine and/or you’re working on someone else’s machine…you go to mount an ISO..BOOM – no can do, so you’ve got to go and download/install them. This new addition will save quite a lot of time across the IT Industry I would imagine Smile


Built in PDF Reader

This will also be cool, again saving users from one extra download and extra bit of 3rd party software on their machine.


On paper, SkyDrive is awesome. 25GB of storage that you can access pretty much wherever and use either for personal storage alone or also to share things such as datasheets, documents etc with friends, clients, partners and more.

In practice, it’s quite difficult to use…fiddly, hard to find, not quite as easy to get things into/out of as you thought.

Integrating it straight into Windows 8 will see a massive rise in the use of Microsoft’s online storage, and will make the tablet piece even more compelling as users will have a built in, free, easy to use way of sharing/syncing quite a lot of “stuff” available immediately.